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My name is Jim and  “The Journal of a Progressive Pilgrim” is my Christian issues blog. What you will find here is a repository of sermons, essays, reviews and whatever else I happen to post (mostly my own work, but I hope to have some special guest stars).

I am a fellow traveller of the Emerging Christianity movement. I enjoy and learn from the example of many prophets, Christian and other faiths. I find myself returning often to the writings of Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter.

Much of my inspiration for being “Progressive” is a reflection and exploration of the theological observations and practices of Christ and Christians both in the New Testament and prior to the Christianization of the Roman Empire, which co-opted both Christian philosophy and practice into what were then “mainstream” ideals which included monarchy, class, patriarchy, misogyny and a host of other -ys and -isms that a plain reading of the gospel will show Jesus wanted nothing to do with. In this sense, to be “progressive” is to support the modern application of radical ideas that are very old indeed.

It is my hope in the coming months and years to hold a forum for discussions, both of a general spiritual and religious sort, but also a place where different expressions of the Christian faith in the modern world (and some voices from different faiths too) can co-mingle.

So, what is “A Progressive Pilgrim”? While this forum comes at life from an intentionally and unapologetically Christian point-of-view, I would say it is anyone with a desire to explore the human spiritual condition with an authentically open mind – from a presupposition that we should take on life as a learning opportunity with purpose, curiosity, awe, gratitude, and love. What is a progressive pilgrim? Well, check out the resources page, read a few of my posts and please join the conversation. Because I’m a progressive pilgrim, and you just might be one to…


A Little More About Jim Perra

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Jim is a ministry professional by day and a fire department paramedic by night. Currently a transitional deacon in the Diocese of Maryland, he holds a Master of Divinity from Trinity College in the University of Toronto, a BA in Psychology from Michigan State University, and got his NREMT-P from Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek Michigan.

Jim is available to assist churches, non-profits, and small businesses develop their internet presence.

He enjoys traveling, design, and is a film buff. He lives in Baltimore Maryland with his wife Arianna and their guinea pig Penelope.

Special Thanks to Tim Reihm

The original owner of this blog’s URL is another “progressive pilgrim”, the very gracious Tim Reihm. An author and entrepreneur who had not been able to invest the time he wished he could into the blog, which he ceded to me for gratis.

Thanks and blessings Tim!


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